Can Chiropractic Increase Immune Function in Ashland OH?

Can Chiropractic Increase Immune
Function in Ashland OH?

Chiropractic Ashland OH Immune Support

We hear from our Ashland OH patients time and time again that they notice their immune system seems to be working better since getting adjusted.  Their kids don't seem to be getting sick as often, or the parents themselves have had fewer sick days at work or more energy, etc.  Though it's a common occurrence, many find it difficult to explain why this happens with chiropractic care.  How does it happen and is there evidence to support what patients are experiencing?

Science of Chiropractic in Ashland OH

Let's take a look at the science.  For years, science has shown us that the spine has an intimate relationship with the autonomic nervous system.  When the movement in the spine is altered or inhibited, it then directly influences the sympathetic nerve system. Why is this important to know and what does it mean?  Well, according to the 2007 Journal of Brain Behavior, all primary and secondary immune organs are directly controlled by the sympathetic nerve system.  Another study published in 2013 from Autonomic Failure found that macrophages in the body (responsible for immune function) are also directly controlled by the sympathetic nerve system.  So now we can see the clear evidence to support and understand that immune function is directly controlled by the sympathetic nerve system, helping our Ashland chiropractors to put the pieces together:

When spinal biomechanics are altered, an increase in sympathetic firing occurs, which in turn inhibits immune function.  If immune function is inhibited, the body has an increased susceptibility to sickness (meaning, you get sick MORE often).  That explains why when a patient has their spinal biomechanics restored through a specific chiropractic adjustment, the sympathetic nerve function is balanced and immune function is no longer inhibited (you get sick LESS often)!  Still think that chiropractic is just about neck pain and back pain?  Well, pretty soon, you might "get sick" of thinking this way! Call Victory Chiropractic today and take advantage of our new patient special.


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