Chiropractic Testimonials

Shari. L.'s Testimony

I have had severe back and neck pain for half of my life. So severe that it was an every day, all day battle of whether I could continue moving. I'd been to other Doctors and they never cared enough about my healing to put me on an ongoing treatment plan. I truly feel cared about here, for once! Doctors these days I literally see as evil, money hungry, garbage, corporate. The love and Care of GOD truly fills this place. Thank You!

Tina C.'s Testimony

My body doesn't hurt like it used to and if it does, it doesn't hurt like it use to, I am able to work 12hrs with no pain.

Travis M.'s Testimony

I'm able to sleep better and that makes me in a better mood.

Zack M.'s Testimony

I was experiencing semi-frequent hip/low back issues. I would visit my chiropractor (old Chiropractor) just when I started hurting or feeling "out". Now that I am consistently working on alignment, posture, strength, I feel far more stable and confident in my movement patterns. No pain, but more Important, I have confidence and hope that I can be healthy and not repeat the patterns of my family genetics!!

Sara N.'s Testimony

Chiropractor Ashland OH Jenny Pamer and SarahI had daily headaches, I would go to sleep with a headache and wake up with a headache. My neck muscles were in a constant state of tension and nothing was helping. Since starting Chiropractic care, I've had a complete change in my day to day life. The pain and tightness in my neck has decreased DRASTICALLY! I no longer have daily headaches and my sleep has improved tremendously.

Klarissa M.'s Testimony

Although I have only been seeing Dr. Pamer for a short amount of time, I already feel better. I can breath better, after my adjustment I sleep better, and it has made me more aware of my posture and body mechanics. Not only are the adjustments helping my discomfort & symptoms, but the knowledge that Victory Chiropractic team has given me has made me change my routines & the way I take care of myself. I've cut down on smoking & my caffeine intake, and overall I try to treat my body as a temple now. Thanks to the VC office I am confident that soon I will be at 100% health and that is more than I could've ever hoped for with my other Doctors!

Valerie C.'s Testimony

When I joined I was a bit hesitant on how the adjustments could improve pain I have always had. Now I think back at how much the pain and discomfort ruled my life and wonder why it took me so long to get help. I can now stretch and moved about as I please, my scoliosis pain has lessened by nearly half of what it was before.

Sharon M.'s Testimony

I started with Dr. Jenny after the dinner to have chiropractic explained and to know how it helps heal the body.

I have various things “diagnosed” wrong with myself. My son was having seizures and after seeing Dr. Jenny no more seizures for him. I went from 11 different medications a day to one. I started bringing my oldest grandchildren with me and they have less sickness, missed considerably less days of school. Without chiropractic I wouldn’t be worth a pinch of salt. Now I love my life and spending it normally with my love and my grandchildren.

Debi W.'s Testimony

My original initiation of coming to Victory Chiropractic was to get a second opinion regarding treatment after a bad fall and hopefully to get a prognosis of how long I would need treatment and an estimate of what the treatment would accomplish (partial cure, total cure?). I sought Dr. Pamer’s advice almost 2 years after the fall and had been seeing a different chiropractor up to that point.

I frequently had very painful back spasms. This prevented me from working until the spasms ceased – anywhere from half a day to 2-3 days, which threatened my employment. I am still unable to lift much more than eight pounds, which is terribly inconvenient. Both my yard and house have suffered due to my injuries. I simply can’t do physical labor for much more than a half hour to an hour. My back becomes tired and aching and if I ignore it, the spasms will begin 2 to 3 days later. I have no idea why there is a delay.

Since beginning chiropractic treatment with Dr. Pamer, the frequency of spasms has been greatly reduced. So far, my record of being spasm-free has been eleven months. A recent bout of spasms was much less painful and my recovery time was much shorter, which indicates that my spine is getting much better.

Just the reduced frequency of the spasms has been a huge blessing. The reduction in severity has also been a huge blessing. I am much more optimistic about my future as a physically capable adult and look forward to “catching up” on all the things I have had to set aside due to my physical incapacity.

I am very thankful for Dr. Pamer’s determination and tenacity in treating my injuries. She is an excellent chiropractor. Best I’ve been to in my entire life.

LaVonne C.'s Patient Testimony

"I first heard about Victory Chiropractic when I saw the ad in the paper. My back was hurting really bad, so I went there, talked to them and made an appointment.

Before I went to Victory Chiropractic, my back was hurting and giving me fits. I would wash a dish and have to sit down to relieve the pain. When I made the bed, I would put one cover on the bed and have to sit down again before I could finish because of the pain. I was suffering with terrible digestive problems, at times barely getting to the bathroom in time.

Since I have been getting adjustments I am a lot better. I have come a long way. Now I can do the dishes and make the bed with less pain. It is also easier to climb the steps. My bowel issues have improved immensely.

I would tell someone that doesn’t know about corrective chiropractic care; if you have aches and pain, give it a try. I did and it helps. Once you go don’t stop. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still get help. I did and it sure has helped me a lot. Sometimes I feel wonderful and forget what I used to feel like! Give it a try, it helped me and it could help you too!"

Ashley M.’s Patient Testimony

How did you first hear Victory Chiropractic?

Dr. Pamer came highly recommended by my sister.

Tell us a little bit about how you were before you came to Victory Chiropractic.

I was born with hip dysplasia and have always had pain in my hips, low back, and neck. At the point I decided to see Dr. Pamer, I was having a hard time sleeping at night due to hip pain, and I was suffering at least five times a month with stiff necks, to the point that I couldn’t turn my head either way or look up or down for days at a time – sometimes lasting a week. It was very painful and exhausting. I was also hoping chiropractic could help with some fertility issues I was having.

How are you healing since you’ve been getting your corrective care adjustments?

I’ve only had one stiff neck at the very beginning of my care since seeing Dr. Pamer. It healed much faster than usual, and I haven’t had one since. I’m no longer suffering with hip pain while trying to sleep. My low back doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to. My daughter who just turned 8 also sees Dr. Pamer. We have both seen a big decrease in colds, etc. I just feel so much better about mine and my daughter’s overall health. Also, I can now say my monthly cycles have lengthened out and hopefully soon we will be blessed with a healthy pregnancy.

What would you tell someone that doesn’t know anything about corrective care chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a life changing type of care. The health benefits are overwhelming, and it provides healing for the whole body. Everyone can benefit from the type of chiropractic care they can get from Victory Chiropractic to keep their bodies functioning at 100% for a long and healthy life.


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