Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Ashland OH Chiropractor Discusses Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Facts in Ashland OH

According to PubMed research, it is reported that approximately 50% of all pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy. The pain usually doesn't improve, but only gets worse as the pregnancy comes to term. Up to 75% of women experience back pain during labor. Even postpartum, 77% of those women will continue to experience persistent complaints.

What causes low back pain during pregnancy? Many structural adaptations must occur in a woman's body to prepare for a growing baby. As a mommy's tummy grows, distribution of weight and load to the low back and hips also changes. As the baby develops, the weight is projected forward and increases the lumbar lordosis, adding extra stress to the discs and joints of the spine. As a result, the lumbar spine loses integrity, making it susceptible to disc injury. At the same time, pregnancy hormones create ligament laxity in the pelvic basin, contributing to hypermobility and a further decrease in structural stability (furthering the chance for injury). Previous history of low back pain and or physically strenuous work may also be associated with an increased susceptibility of low back pain during pregnancy. Compensation to the increased lumbar curve as well as increased breast tissue can also result in a tightening and exaggeration of the kyphosis of thoracic spine (the mid-back), resulting in mid-back and neck pain. It has also been reported that there may be a relationship between back pain and increased labor time and delivery. As if it weren't long enough!!

So, what to do? Taking a medication can potentially harm your baby and is not recommended. Being miserable and having complications throughout pregnancy is also not a great option. Many women in living in Ashland and Richland Counties have discovered the secret to a healthier, comfortable pregnancy and shorter, low-complication deliveries. A retrospective review of 400 pregnancies and deliveries was investigated for the relationship between pregnancy and low back pain. Findings from this review found that 84% of those women found relief with chiropractic care. The authors further noted that chiropractic care significantly reduced the risk of experiencing "back labor".

Another review, also published on PubMed, found that women under chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy experienced, on average, a 25%-31% shorter labor time compared to those who were not!

Specific, chiropractic adjusting during pregnancy is considered a safe, and highly effective means of caring for expectant mothers. The published evidence also suggests that corrective-care chiropractic can improve the probability of a successful, natural child-birth.

If you live in Ashland or Richland County, and you are expecting or even considering pregnancy, schedule a consultation to determine if you are a chiropractic candidate. It could be the best thing to do for you, and your baby!


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