Suffering From Low Back Pain in Ashland OH?

Suffering From Low Back Pain in Ashland OH?

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Low back Pain Facts in Ashland OH

One of the most treated symptoms in the Emergency Room on a daily basis is low back pain.  Millions suffer with low back pain every day.  Often, it begins as a small ache or minor annoyance.  It may come and go; be here one day and gone the next.  Many tend to ignore it or attempt to cover it up with a simple pain reliever to feel better.  Often it is thought of as a muscle strain or just a part of "old age".  Maybe you have tried massage or stretching, which feels good and works temporarily, but you find that the problem keeps coming back.  When low back pain is ignored or covered up by a medication, does that actually do anything to correct your problem, heal you, or get you well?  The clear answer is simply no.  The problem does not go away, in fact, it will often become worse because THE ROOT CAUSE of the problem never got corrected.   If it goes uncorrected, the longer it remains, the damage can become irreversible.  Drugs may mask the pain, and help you to feel better.  When you feel better, you do more activity.  Doing more activity can cause even greater damage because now you have overridden the body's natural defense mechanism that has been trying to tell you something is very wrong.  It is just like the change oil light in your car, telling you it is time for maintenance.  Ignore or cover up the signal, and eventually something is going to blow.  What costs less? Changing your oil or replacing your engine? You only have one body.  You can't replace it.  Many people spend thousands of dollars every year trying to manage their symptoms when it's too late, when what they should have done was spend a little time and effort on maintaining their health all along.

Low back pain is often a result of misalignment in the spine.  It can occur by various events and stressors such as car accidents, falls, sports, gardening, injuries, sleeping on your stomach, and poor posture, just to name a few.  When the spine misaligns, it causes not only the muscles to strain and become inflamed, but can affect the nerve function in the low back as well.  Many people know nerves in the low back go down the legs (that's often why you get sciatica), but most don't realize those nerves go the digestive and reproductive organs as well.  That's why many people who have back pain immediately or over time may develop other symptoms such as:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • IBS
  • Tingling or numbness in the legs or feet
  • Urinary frequency
  • Prostate issues
  • Menstrual issues
  • Sleepless nights
  • Restless legs

It is possible to also have the above symptoms and not even have low back pain.  Many never think to look at the spine as the cause of the problem, and that's why it often goes uncorrected.  Are you tired of dealing with low back pain?  Do you suffer from digestive issues?  Have your spine and nerve system evaluated by a corrective care chiropractor to see if there is misalignment causing your problems.  Correct the problem now, so you can live your life in Victory later!


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