The Best Time to See an Ashland OH Chiropractor

The Best Time to See an Ashland OH Chiropractor

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When to see at Ashland OH Chiropractor

What is the most important system in your body that runs EVERYTHING in it? Many people often guess the heart or cardiovascular system, but the truth is, even it is under the control of your Central Nervous System. Your brain and spinal cord tell you heart to beat, your lungs to breath, your food to digest, a cut to heal…you get the idea!

Life has to come from the brain, down through the spinal cord, and across the nerves to every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. If life can get to the body, then everything can work right, and your body is happy. Then the body sends messages up to the brain and tells it what's going on in the body, and of anything it needs. Your brain interprets the information and sends down the exact supplies and commands to excrete, secrete, and make chemical (hormonal) changes in the body.

That is how we work! As long as you have life getting from the brain to the body and then the body to the brain, you have a complete cycle and the ability to be HEALTHY. In fact, so important is your nerve system that it is THE ONLY system completely encased in bone! If or when STRESS occurs - an accident, a fall, poor posture, repetition of movements at work or sports, poor sleep habits, the birthing process, the list goes on and on… a bone shifts out of place and squeezes the life getting from the brain to the body. Then the body gets a sick heart cell, or sick lung cell, or sick neck or sick low back-whatever isn't getting the proper life flow. If you are lucky enough, then you will get a symptom to let you know something is wrong.

Studies tell us though, that you have to go from 100% function of a cell tissue or organ (which is optimal health) down to 60% function before you even begin to feel symptoms. That means there has to be 40% cell damage, disease, or death before those symptoms manifest. That's why many people often don't feel heart disease or cancer.

Most people WANT to be truly healthy. We get our teeth and our eyes checked. We get a yearly check up to listen to our heart and lungs and maybe even get blood work. But when was the last time you got your nerve system checked? Don't you think you should get the MOST IMPORTANT SYSTEM IN YOUR BODY checked at least one time in your life? Only a chiropractor is skillfully trained to evaluate your spine and nerve system for interference. So when do you think is the best time to see a chiropractor? Now? Or do you wait for those symptoms to appear……

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